Terms of Use
Onward Ops and Expiration Term of Service (ETS) Sponsorship Program Consent for Disclosure, Communication, and Release of Personal Information
Dear Transitioning Service Member or Veteran:
First, thank you for your service in the military. We want to take this opportunity to introduce a program that we developed to help transitioning service members become the next community and business leaders. Through the Onward Ops transition support program, the ETS Sponsorship program provides trained, peer-sponsors to help service members successfully transition from the military to the civilian sector within five critical domains in their hometown- (a) employment / education, (b) housing, (c) family, (d) social / community / physical activities, (e) and medical care.
Overview of Program
Onward Ops is an innovative, supervised sponsorship program with the goal of helping service members successfully transition into their civilian communities. Similar programs already exist within the military when a Service Member transitions from one military installation to another. Unfortunately, no such program exists to assist in transitioning into the civilian sector. The Onward Ops transition support program helps to fill this gap by providing transitioning service members with trained, peer-sponsors. Moreover, ETS Sponsorship utilizes multi-organizational efforts to provide the best resources, requiring coordination conducted in the most efficient and time-sensitive method after a Service Member signs up.
Each transitioning Service Member will be assigned a Sponsor no later than when you are 6 months from leaving active military service who will contact the transitioning Service Member weekly to facilitate access to resources in destination communities. Participation in all aspects of Onward Ops and the ETS Sponsorship is voluntary, and a transitioning Service Member can withdraw from the program at any time.
If you agree to participate in Onward Ops, a transition support program administered by the ETS Sponsorship program, you will be assigned a trained ETS Sponsor based on availability in target cities. Your contact information will be given to this sponsor who will contact you on a regular basis to facilitate access to resources for you in cities where ETS Sponsorship is established. You understand that if you agree to participate in Onward Ops, you will be asked to fill out an initial survey so ETS Sponsorship can best understand your needs. ETS Sponsorship works closely with other organizations and you acknowledge that your information may be shared with these other partnered organizations only to best support your transition. You understand that you do not have to answer any questions that you do not wish to answer.
Participation and access to requested services may require that you share certain elements of your personal data. The ETS Sponsorship Program would like your express permission and consent to share the minimum personal information necessary, such as your name, address, and phone number, if this information is required to connect you to the vetted partners available on our dashboards or as needed based upon specific requests you may make. For example, a request for emergency housing or food may require us to share these data elements with a service provider in order to meet your needs. We will not share your personal information for commercial purposes, such as selling email lists, advertising, or unsolicited marketing requests. If you decide to not consent, you will still receive all the sponsorship services provided through the ETS Sponsorship Program, but it may impact your ability to access requested services and/or information from third parties.
In addition to sharing your name, address, email address and phone number with our service providers, we may share your information and any personal information we obtain from our service providers about you, with other organizations, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, so that they can conduct additional analysis of the data to help us better understand your needs and to evaluate, as well as improve, the programs that we provide to transitioning service members/Veterans.
You may revoke your consent at any time by contacting us by email. You may view our privacy notice here: onwardops.org/legal/privacy.